Argonaut Quality Systems
Introducing Argonaut


Argonaut Quality Systems is an Information Technology consulting and services company committed to delivering innovative Architecture and Security solutions to customers. Argonaut’s aim is to help businesses be more productive, creative, flexible, quality-centric and less dependent on circumstances and structures.  Argonaut's primary service product is PSMail - a secure communications service with includes email, storage, chat and electronic voice. Learn more about our secure communications services at


Argonaut introduces creative solutions to provide organizations with both improvement and renewal. Argonaut’s team responds to high performance business needs with both consulting services and managed services. Our Consulting services focus on providing quality IT Architecture and IT Security technology solutions. These solutions are targeted towards mid-sized businesses with recent acquisitions or firms that are experiencing rapid growth. Our managed services are built to provide sustainable services to firms with large amounts of secure data being sent to and from remote areas.

Learn more about our outreach to non-profits and the secure communications suite to NGO's at

Why Argonaut

The challenge in finding the right IT service provider is to find a company that will respond to requests in a timely manner with a clear understanding and appropriate solution.  Argonaut aspires to serve a niche market by serving clients in creative and yet personal ways.  Our theme is that the professional solutions can still provide the personal excellence and effectiveness required for your business.  The main challenge in dealing with large IT service providers is the lack of control they give to their customers (or the customer’s business).  Large service providers today are negotiating and steering clients to their one-size-fits-all methodology and frameworks for delivering solutions.  The agility and the flexibility required for the customer’s business is