IT Architecture Case Study

Due to recent acquisitions and rapid growth a large scale ISP was looking to improve its ability to meet customer demands.  The ISP needed to automate multiple levels of their business in order to create an efficient workflow process and avoid redundancy and errors.

The automation started with their provisioning system for internet connectivity services and was expanded to include more complex automations. Members of our IT Architecture Team introduced a provisioning system that consolidated multiple User Access Management (UAM) provisioning tasks and related scheduled jobs.  The new UAM system was built using both open source and commercial tools including Apache, Perl, CGI, PHP, Expect, HP Automator, Service Desk and a web based front end. 

The solution provided an efficient, cost effective way to onboard customers to the ISP services such as cable modem, DSL, leased lines and wireless point to point.  Several infrastructure components were consolidated.  In addition, a number of redundant systems were retired without compromising availability and reliability.  Ultimately, the internet access provisioning system allowed for users to be provisioned, managed and billed from a central console. 

The newly developed system ultimately improved the productivity of the service desk staff by 75%; reducing the average time to provision and migrate users from 1 hour to only 15 minutes.