Managed Communications Case Study

Case Study

When a large non-profit organization was concerned about its secure communications channel for more than 1600 of its satellite workers, Argonaut got involved in the design and management of its communication services.  Argonaut spelled out a detailed requirements document and started verbalizing many of the needs and solving many of the issues at the customer’s satellite locations.

The service platform built by Argonaut required high availability to satellite offices and mobile users.  The solution required support for users to have globally accessible mailboxes, distribution mailing lists and secure chat.  Argonaut customized the Email system providing a way to manage users (with self service options) and groups (with local group administrators) and master administrators.   The pay as you go model for growth allowed the organization to start the managed service with zero initial investment.  The pilot program initially served 200 satellite workers has grown to include 1600 users.

The local IT staff teams were mobilized to other projects that were needed for the business operations.  The service offloaded the burden of communications to Argonaut while the core organization and its IT teams were able to focus on its business functions.  Many additional services were later added to support the needs of power users such as VPN and secure document exchange.  The customer experienced a cost savings of $12,000 in the first year and about $8,000 on the next three consecutive years.