Managed Security Services

Argonaut Quality Systems provides security technologies to protect its clients’ networks, systems, and applications against attack. Managed Security Services (MSS) is an on demand service, providing tools, expertise, and process management to our customers. Our security analyst, with over 7 years of experience in infrastructure security and application security, brings the two together to provide a comprehensive security plan. The security service bundles provided by Argonaut are tailored to each customer’s circumstances and incorporate best practices according to industry and specific customer needs.

Information Security is both expensive to implement and operate. The cost to establish and maintain adequate IT staff and tools tends to be prohibitive for most firms to maintain in-house. However, Argonaut’s MSS implements many new technologies with zero initial investment made by the customer and provides an ongoing SLA (Service Level Agreement) based model to serve our customers.

Managed Security Services:

· Firewall and Intrusion Detection

· Web Application Protection

· Host Protection

· Secure Network (WAN & Wireless)

· Security Log and Event Management

· Firewall Change and Compliance Audit

· Directory Services

· Proxy and web gateway


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