Managed Communications Services

Argonaut Quality Systems manages communications services to enable customers to focus on their core business, while transferring the day-to-day contextual activities to us. We provide a mature service that combines tools and processes into a communications platform.

Email, secure chat, calendaring, task management, and VPN usage are integral to every organization. The comprehensive communications suite built by Argonaut meets all these needs through one central system. This system is designed to improve business productivity and reduce communication problems. Argonaut’s flexible pay per user model for Managed Exchange Hosting gives the customer control over the managed service.

Managed Communications Services:

· Hosted Microsoft Exchange

· Secure MX (Anti-virus/Anti-spam)

· Google Apps for Enterprise

· Email DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

· Hosted Open-source Zimbra

· Mailbox Automation

· Unified Communications

· Email directory services.


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